We're sorry to inform that Cowork Central has closed it's doors. To visit other coworking locations in Buenos Aires (or Argentina) please visit CoworkingArgentina.info.

About Us

What is Cowork Central?

(cc) Noel "noneck" Hidalgo

Not so long ago the majority of independent professionals or freelancers used to work from their homes. In solitude, with no schedules and experiencing a mix between their personal and work life.

The only alternatives were: rent their own office space, this brought several disadvantages, it wasn't only an expensive option but also a lonely place; another alternative was to work from public venues like bars and coffee shops that also had some disadvantages like lack of security and privacy and usually lack of a good internet access.

Cowork Central is a shared office space that adapts to the needs to independent professionals offering them a new and better way to work. An enviroment with flexible hours, surrounded by people working in similar businesses. A place fully equipped, with several work positions, conference room to meet with clients featuring the latest gadgets in office technology.

Cowork Central is the first coworking space in Argentina and Latin America.

We are located in the "Grimoldi" building that was built in 1915 and it was totally recently recycled. The building is located in one of the biggest open air commercial districts in the city. The architectural design of the building isolates the noise from the city making it a peaceful and quiet place to work.

The office has big and comfortable desks distributed in 5 rooms with a capacity to host between 5 and 6 members per room, a meeting room with a capacity for 6 people equipped with a whiteboard and a 42" LCD screen with a VGA/DVI connector for presentations and both wired and wireless high speed —symmetric— internet access in all spaces.

Also, the office space has a private room, a relax/resting area and a kitchen where fresh coffee is served everyday and it's both free and unlimited to all our members.