We're sorry to inform that Cowork Central has closed it's doors. To visit other coworking locations in Buenos Aires (or Argentina) please visit CoworkingArgentina.info.

It was never easier for us who work independently to have our own workspace.

A place to work outside our home, without the need of dropping by bars and coffee shops, struggling to get a decent Wi-Fi access that at least works.

Coworking is a global community of independent professionals that are dedicated to the values of collaboration, openness, community, accesibility and sustainability while sharing a workspace (*).
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Tour en Video de Nuestras Oficinas

26.05.10 · Comentarios (0)

Hace unos dias tuvimos el agrado de recibir en nuestro espacio a Olivia Abtahi, una directora de cine independiente.

TEDx Buenos Aires en Cowork Central

06.04.10 · Comentarios (0)

No te quedes con las ganas de vivir TEDx Buenos Aires como un gran acontecimiento.
Vení a ver el streaming en vivo del evento en Cowork Central.

Nuevo diseño y Day Pass

02.03.10 · Comentarios (0)

El año empieza a tomar ritmo y decidimos recibir a los Freelancers y Startups que vuelven de sus vacaciones con nuestro website rediseñado y el lanzamiento del Day Pass, una nueva y más flexible opción a la hora de decidir contar con su propio espacio de oficina para trabajar.

The New York Times
Coworking sites are up and running from Argentina to Australia and many places in between … Most coworkers say they were drawn to the spaces for the same reasons that inspired Mr. Neuberg: they like working independently, but they are less effective when sitting home alone.